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VC Investments of €4 billion in 2022, ranking 6th in Europe and 16th in the world for total investments raised

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The Business Post is a Sunday newspaper distributed nationally in Ireland and an online publication. It is focused mainly on business and financial issues in Ireland

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Business News is a Mediaplanet website that publishes news, information and advice on business topics with a local focus on Ireland. Featuring leading experts, top influencers and real-life case studies, we aim to inform, educate and engage our readers. Surrounding national awareness days and current affairs, we offer a wide range of information, advice and […]

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Since 2012, Maddyness has found a place of choice in the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now a must-read for entrepreneurs, players in finance, media, new technologies and innovation, Maddyness delivers quality information to over 1,000,000 people every month.