A global competitiveness cluster created by the French government in 2007, and a trusted third party in the public interest, Finance Innovation has a vast network of valuable members and partners to encourage innovation and research in the financial ecosystem. 

Finance Innovation supports financial startups in 6 business areas: Insurance, Banking, Sustainable and Responsible Finance, Asset Management, Corporate Management and Finance, and Fixed Assets. Our aim is to help them grow by providing visibility, credibility, networking and assistance with fund-raising.

AcrossLimits is a dynamic company primarily based in Malta, offering European solutions for technology, innovation, funding, networking, commercialisation and more. Our experience with EU opportunities makes us the go-to partner for specialist consultancy services for clients all over Europe. 

AcrossLimits has participated in over 70 projects across various fields including; eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, education, health, robotics, energy, entrepreneurship, gender equality and social inclusion. Contributing as technical partners creating digital online platforms, leading dissemination efforts, or providing our expertise in sustainability and exploitation activities. is the professional association in Romania that reunites financial technology companies building proprietary products and their partners, financial service providers, regulators, academia as well as tech companies.

CrowdfundingHub is a boutique consultancy firm, specialising in Alternative Finance, focusing on expertise in Crowdfunding and other Community-driven financing, governance, and business models. They are recognised as the leading experts in Europe in these areas.

F6S is a leading global founder and startup network that helps public sector entities around the world to promote, communicate and disseminate technical and research projects. F6S stands for F-ounder-S. Our mission is to help founders and startups grow to solve the world’s pressing social, economic, environmental, sustainability and innovation problems. In addition to F6S’ work with governmental entities, we also work with corporates, investors, research institutions, programs, universities and others in the global startup ecosystem. F6S tools deliver company growth through grants, partnerships, funding, investment, pilot contracts, partnerships, jobs & talent recruitment and company services. 

Impulse4Women is an international non-profit organization operating both online and offline. Our vision is to change the world of startup investment distribution focusing on women-led technological start-ups. Our objective is to connect startups with investors, corporations, and public or private organisations and set them up for success.

We support at every stage of development from the MVP to the IPO, providing the required tools and skills to increase the probability of funding, depending on their maturity, sector, allocation, and economic needs to those founders, co-founders, and series C level.

We are achieving this through our event workshops, mentoring sessions, pitching sessions, and webinars. Additionally, we offer a matching-making platform to connect and promote investment in startups with greater gender diversity and shared values using AI.

We believe that gender diversity will lead to superior investment performance. 

A unique cluster straddling two jurisdictions with responsibility for increased cooperation and collab
oration amongst indigenous and investment fintech’s on the island of Ireland, ensuring both ecosystems are well represented and the cluster activities and operations benefit the all island economy.

Truffle Capital is the only European fund to create and support radical, disruptive innovations in two areas of expertise: Life Sciences and Information Technology. 

Founded in 2001, Truffle Capital has raised over €1.1 billion since its inception, supported 122 companies and completed 68 exits to date. The company currently has €500 million in assets under management. 

At the end of 2019, the closing of its BioMedTech and FinTech early-stage Institutional Funds marks a key milestone for Truffle Capital with an acceleration in its development. 
In 2023, Truffle will continue this momentum with its two new institutional late-stage funds.