About FINE

At the heart of the dynamic investment landscape lies an intricate web of diverse actors, each with unique motivations, risk thresholds, and expertise. In this complex environment, where venture capital firms and angel investors operate within specialised verticals, the need for focused strategies has never been more crucial. The FINE (Fintech Investor Network and Ecosystem) project emerges as a pioneering initiative, carefully crafted to navigate the contemporary investment ecosystem. 
FINE delves into the thriving Fintech sector, a domain where innovation merges with the everyday lives of both individuals and businesses. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, Fintech stands as the cornerstone, reshaping financial models and investment structures. The modern age presents not only unprecedented opportunities but also pressing challenges such as climate change and the spectre of pandemics. In the face of these realities, Fintech emerges as a solution, offering agile and integrated financial innovations. 

FINE steps in as a catalyst for change, aiming to bolster the Fintech ecosystem within the European ecosystem. By fostering inclusive, interconnected ecosystems at both local and international levels, FINE bridges the gap between Fintech investment cultures in different countries.  

Through collaborative initiatives, including co-investment for budding Fintech startups, FINE cultivates a vibrant investment climate. This environment nurtures innovation, facilitates the growth of businesses, and encourages seamless global expansion, positioning these enterprises as formidable contenders in the Fintech arena. 
At FINE, our focus extends beyond national borders. We are committed to building robust connections between countries with well-established Fintech ecosystems and those with burgeoning potentials. By enabling cross-border investments and cultivating meaningful relationships between nations, FINE unlocks the latent possibilities residing within EU member states. For investors, this translates into a wealth of unexplored, profitable opportunities within the continent. 
Join us in shaping the future of finance. FINE is not just an initiative; it is a collaborative endeavor that empowers Fintech startups, fuels innovation, and propels Europe into the forefront of the global Fintech revolution. Together, let us create a richer, more interconnected investment landscape where potential knows no bounds.


Fábio Guedes Gomes

President of CONFAP

Ferenc Jordan

Director of Centre of Ecological Research

Jefferson de Oliveira Gomes

Director of Innovation and Technology at SENAI National Department