Ecosystem map 1 – Malta Financial Sevices Authority

The MFSA was set up through an Act of Parliament (Chapter 330 of the Laws of Malta) and its main functions include the protection of consumers, integrity of financial markets, financial stability and the supervision of all financial services activities. The MFSA also holds an advisory role to Government in the formulation of policies on […]

Ecosystem map 3 – Government Policy

Malta enacted an innovative legal framework regulating virtual currencies in 2018 (defined as VFAs), distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), including blockchains, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and providers offering services in relation to VFAs.  The legislator also created a mechanism regulating innovative technology arrangements (ITAs), such as smart contracts, and innovative technology service providers (ITSPs). The framework […]

Ecosystem map 4 – Government Policy

– The VFA Act created the Financial Instrument Test, which is intended to assess whether a DLT asset qualifies as a virtual token, a financial instrument, electronic money or VFA.

Ecosystem map 5 – Government Policy

– Where a DLT asset qualifies as a virtual token, its offering is not regulated under Maltese law. On the other hand, the issuing of VFAs and the offering of services in relation to VFAs are regulated under the VFA Act.

Ecosystem map 6 – Government Policy

– The issuing and offering of services in relation to financial instruments and electronic money are primarily regulated under MiFID II and the Electronic Money Directive, both as transposed under Maltese law.

Ecosystem map 7 – Government Policy

Issuers of VFAs and VFA service providers are required to obtain authorisation/licensing from The MFSA prior to commencing any activity and are also deemed to be subject persons for AML/CFT purposes.

Ecosystem map 8 – Economic Policy Department – EPD

The Economic Policy Department provides Government with expert advice and assistance in the formulation of economic policy, the management of economic activity and international trade policy with the aim of attaining Government’s overall objectives of economic growth and development, high employment and low inflation and competitiveness on international markets.

Ecosystem map 10 – Melita Foundation

The Melita Foundation supports, and collaborates with, non-profit organisations, individuals and other stakeholders in order to enable the development of the digital skills and creativity which Malta needs for future growth