Ecosystem map 248 – Zepos & Yannopoulos

Zepos & Yannopoulos is one of the longest-established Greek law firms that provides comprehensive legal and tax services to foreign entities doing business in Greece. They offer services related to tax regulations and legal matters. In addition to these specific companies, Greece has several fintech companies and start-ups playing a major role in the market. […]

Ecosystem map 249 – Scrinium

Scrinium was founded in Athens (Greece) in 2017 by a team of executives from the country’s broader financial sector. Its founders have accumulated many decades of experience in Hellenic and International Banking Organizations, Insurance Companies, Financial Brokerage and Advisory Firms (e.g. Egnatia Bank, EFG Eurobank, Citibank, KPMG, European Reliance) The Company’s goal is to provide […]

Ecosystem map 243 – began its operation in May 2006, but it is online since 1998 with the former name Stockrally pioneered the electronic publishing of financial information on the Greek internet. is an accessible for free, advertising-supported website that contains up-to-the-minute business news, stock quotes from the Greek and international stock markets, analysis and insightful […]

Ecosystem map 247 – Andersen Legal

Andersen Legal focuses on providing information and updates on the evolving fintech regulatory framework in Greece. They offer services related to fintech regulations, compliance, and technology solutions.

Ecosystem map 235 – Startupper

Online publication about startup news is the first online publication in Greece about startup news. It covers both the greek startup scene and the international trends.

Ecosystem map 237 – Infocom

Business 2 Business portal It successfully records and captures for many years to run the course taken and convergence happening in Technology, Informatics, Telecommunications & Media sectors.

Ecosystem map 238 – SBC TV

Financial television channel Financial television channel, which broadcasts on free television, focusing on Economic, Business and Market Updates.

Ecosystem map 239 – Startup

Pause your DREAM & Start your STREAM Inspiring Entrepreneur Interviews, Entrepreneurship news, Greek Startups, Entrepreneurship in Greece