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Despite the lower number of FinTech companies founded in 2021, FinTech’s total revenue achieved a historic 25% increase with a historic peak of total revenue – BGN 1.8 billion.

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Capital Gains Tax: For non-residents, capital gains from the disposal of financial assets are subject to a 10% Bulgarian withholding tax, with exemptions for gains from sales on Bulgarian or EU/EEA stock exchanges.

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Corporate Income Tax: The core tax for businesses in Bulgaria is set at a rate of 10%. This applies to Bulgarian resident companies on their worldwide income, while non-residents are taxed only on Bulgarian-source income. Dividends Tax – 5% – VAT -19% in most of the industries

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Financial Market Innovations: The introduction of a special market on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to receive financing (BEAM) represents an effort to bolster financial support for smaller companies, enhancing their access to capital. BEAM offers SMEs a platform to access public capital markets, which traditionally have been more accessible […]

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BEAM – Advantages for Investors 1/ Besides the opportunity for investment in attractive, fast growing and developing companies, the investors have a better tax treatment of their investment income. 2/ According to the Law of the Corporate Income Taxation and the Law for the Taxes, levied on the Income of the Natural Persons, the income […]

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Fintech Ecosystem Support: Bulgaria offers a favorable environment for fintech companies, characterized by low taxes, lower labor costs, and a talented IT workforce. The country’s high internet speed and adoption rate further enhance its attractiveness as a fintech hub.

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The first Bulgarian unicorn Payhawk was ranked fourth by operating revenue growth with 267%. The fifth place is reserved for the licensed TPP and open banking experts – Iris Solutions – 249%.

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Agri-tech Murcia – is an agriculture technology platform, endorsed by the regional government, along with 21 companies, and reserach centers, and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. They foster technological development for cutting-edge technology in the agriculture sector

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Romania is also positioned to benefit significantly from EU funding, with eligibility to receive up to $81 billion (€77 billion) by 2030. This includes $31 billion (€29 billion) in grants and loans from the “Next Generation EU” funding via the National Resilience and Recovery Plan (NRRP) between 2021-2026​​. Such funding could potentially support various sectors, […]