Ecosystem map 234 –

In 2022, two important angel platforms, Seedblink and Genesis, were launched, reflecting active involvement of angel investors.

Ecosystem map 219 – The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC)

Focus on Financial Innovations: The FSC emphasizes the importance of financial innovations in the non-banking financial sector. It aims to balance the benefits of introducing financial innovations with ensuring market stability and investor protection. This includes monitoring financial technologies, assessing risks, and enhancing financial inclusion through digital solutions.

Ecosystem map 227 –

In 2022, there were a record-breaking number of exits for Greek startups, with 19 being acquired both in Greece and globally. Notably, Viva Wallet was acquired by JP Morgan.

Ecosystem map 228 –

AI: Greek Prime Minister established of an advisory committee to create a national strategy for AI. Most probably investments will follow

Ecosystem map 229 –

Greece is a major player in the EU’s(Big5) Blue economy, focusing investments in this sector.

Ecosystem map 207 –

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic boosted the creation of FinTech companies and they reached their all-time high of 23 companies established in a single year.