Ecosystem map 218 – The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) Bulgarian Fintech Association (BFA)

Fintech Ecosystem Development: The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) has partnered with the Bulgarian Fintech Association (BFA) to develop the fintech ecosystem in the non-banking sector. This includes improving financial literacy, fostering innovation, and regular interaction with fintech companies to assess and minimize potential risks. The FSC has also established an Innovation Hub to facilitate communication […]

Ecosystem map 217 – The Bulgarian Fintech Association

Fintech Association Support: The Bulgarian Fintech Association plays a crucial role in supporting the fintech sector by uniting companies and stakeholders within the financial technology space, facilitating collaboration, and promoting the interests of the fintech community.

Ecosystem map 194 –

The Hungarian Fintech Association (HFA) is an industry association that unites all members of the Hungarian fintech ecosystem, from startups to mature businesses, as well as incubators and accelerators.

Ecosystem map 162 –

As the Spanish capital and major hub for international companies, Madrid host over 7000 foreign companies. Big international players, massive corporations, summits, events, startups are a normal occurence and it enables investors to capitalize on this, and gives them the ability to maximize their development potential, having a better scalability in the ecosystem.

Ecosystem map 164 –

Malaga TechPark is leading the way for public-private cooperation, with a 25 year history, focused on the economy and innovation. 1. There are 630+ companies that are part of the Technopolis 2. There are 60+ international firms 3. With over 20.000+ professionals 4. With 2.000 M euros turnover per year

Ecosystem map 130 – Romanian Fintech Association (

in January 2020, 16 Romanian fintech companies came together and founded the Romanian Fintech Association – RoFin.Tech. This is the first professional entrepreneurial domestic body whose purpose is to contribute to a vertical innovation development specific to the fintech area. The founding companies of RoFin.Tech carry out their business in various financial subsectors, such as […]