Ecosystem map 220 –

Digital Finance Conference – This event in Sofia focuses on the digital transformation of the financial sector, covering topics such as digital banking, blockchain, and payments. It attracts a mix of fintech companies, banks, and technology providers.

Ecosystem map 221 –

Fintech Summit Sofia – An annual summit that brings together fintech professionals, startups, banks, and investors to discuss the future of finance, including innovations in payments, blockchain, and financial services.

Ecosystem map 197 –

FinTechShow – Held in Budapest, this event focuses on the latest technologies in the banking and financial sector, offering insights into digital transformation trends, payments, cybersecurity, and more.

Ecosystem map 195 –

World Fintech Festival – An annual event that brings together leaders from the fintech industry, including startups, investors, banks, and regulators, to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in fintech.

Ecosystem map 196 –

Craft Conference – While not exclusively focused on fintech, Craft Conference in Budapest covers topics relevant to software craftsmanship, including fintech innovations. It attracts a wide range of professionals from the technology sector.

Ecosystem map 132 – Unchain Fintech Festival

Unchain Fintech Festival is a unique opportunity for bankers, financial institutions, technology providers, startups, investors, and all other relevant stakeholders of the CEE ecosystem to discuss the latest trends, create business opportunities and spark innovation in fintech & blockchain.

Ecosystem map 133 – Banking 4.0

Being at 9th edition in 2023, Banking 4.0 is known for analyzing the impact of emerging technologies on the banking sector. Recognized as pioneers in Romania, this event offers high-quality content and insights from industry experts.

Ecosystem map 134 – Future Banking Summit

Future Banking Summit serves as a crucial meeting point for bankers, fintech founders, and investors, ranging from the Middle East to Western fintech powerhouses. It acts as a hub of ideas and innovations, aiming to transform the region’s financial services. The event focuses on showcasing the latest innovations and practical case studies, along with interactive […]