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European Banking Union Membership: Bulgaria’s banking sector has been positively impacted by its full membership in the European Banking Union since October 2020. This membership has reinforced Bulgaria’s position in the euro area institutions and signifies a step forward in institutional development. The Bulgarian Lev’s inclusion in the EU Exchange Rate Mechanism further solidifies the […]

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Central Bank Initiatives: The Hungarian Central Bank (Magyar Nemzeti Bank, MNB) has been active in fostering digital financial inclusion, particularly through the ‘Digital Student Safe’ project. This retail CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) pilot program aims to introduce students to digital finance and includes features like quizzes, digital pocket money, and the ability to handle […]

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Hungary has a flourishing fintech scene with around 120 players, most of them early-stage companies. In 2018, the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), launched its Innovation Hub to guide innovators in developing new products and its Regulatory Sandbox to support the market entry of fintech solutions.

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FINTECH REGULATION Romania doesn’t have a specific legislative package tailored for fintech businesses. However, a bill regarding Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) was finalized and is expected to be enforced within the year. Fintech activities might fall under strict regulations for activities such as insurance, loans, financial transactions, and payment gateways, requiring approval from relevant authorities […]

Ecosystem map 113 – International Financial Services Centre

The IFSC, is globally recognised as a leading location for a range of internationally traded financial services, including banking, asset financing, fund management, corporate treasury management, investment management, custody and administration and specialised insurance operations.

Ecosystem map 90 – Allied Irish Banks (AIB)

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is one of the so-called Big Four commercial banks in the Republic of Ireland. AIB offers a full range of personal, business and corporate banking service