There is a wide range of tax allowances for new investments and R&D. Hungary provides tax exemption on holding structures, capital gains on shares and intellectual property under certain conditions are tax free, and a 50% tax allowance is applicable on royalty incomes. There is no withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalty paid by a Hungarian company to a foreign company. Hungary has a wide international treaty network with more than 80 double tax treaties.

The maximum aid intensity is 50% in Northern Hungary, Northern Great Plain, Southern Great Plain and Southern Transdanubia, 25% in Western Transdanubia, 35% in the Central Transdanubia region and 0%, 20% or 35% in the Central Hungarian region. Parts of Central Hungary are ineligible to receive any funding because they are much closer to the EU average in development terms. The maximum available aid intensity decreases if the investment is a large investment (i.e., exceeds EUR 50 million).