Ecosystem map 166 –

Agri-tech Murcia – is an agriculture technology platform, endorsed by the regional government, along with 21 companies, and reserach centers, and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. They foster technological development for cutting-edge technology in the agriculture sector

Ecosystem map 165 –

As the 4th best start-up ecosystem in Spain, Bilbao is developing a strong presence in the deep tech startup, blue ocean, food tech sectors

Ecosystem map 152 –

Barcelona is the 5th most attractive city for digital experts –>resulting in network effects (the more start-up in an area, the more chances of success)

Ecosystem map 154 – Start-up Law – For Companies

1. The Law slashes the tax rate from 25% to 15% for the first tax period in which a profit is recorded, as well as the following three 2. It allows startups to defer payment of the corporate tax debt for a period of twelve and six months, respectively, during their first two years of […]

Ecosystem map 155 – Start-up Law – Entrepeneurs and Workers

1. It increases the tax exemption for shares, interests or stock options awarded to startup employees from €12,000 to €50,000 a year 2. It defers the allocation of earnings derived from the award of shares, interests, or stock options to startup employees until the instruments are made liquid through the company’s IPO, until their sale […]

Ecosystem map 156 – Start-up Law – Investors and personal income tax

1. It encourages investment in startups by increasing the personal income tax deduction for investment in new or recently created companies from 30% to 50%, while also raising the maximum base for this deduction from €60,000 to €100,000 2. Increases the period for subscribing shares or interests from three to five years from the company’s […]

Ecosystem map 157 – Beckham Law

1. There is a fixed reduced tax rate for foreign workers who move to Spain to work and live. The tax is 24% for the first 6 years, for up to €600,000. If income is more than €600,000, the tax rate is 47%. 2. No tax is levied on savings income (interest, dividends, and capital […]